Saturday, November 27, 2010

East Rand District Cub Fun Day - 27 November 2010

Fun in the Sun!
By 09h30 all the cubs were revved up and could not wait any longer for us to start!

Our first fun event was cork bobbing.
Cubs aged 7 and 8 had to collect as many corks as possible for their pack.

This is just tooooo much fun!

Counting our kitty!

It was then the turn for the cubs aged 9 and 10 - in the bigger pool.

9th Benoni did very well in this event!
It was then on to the "noodle" race.
Cubs could use the noodle anyway they liked to get across to the other side.

Aren't these just so cute?
A really novel way of getting kids to wear some sort of life-jacket.

Spoon race was next up ....

.... and the best of all .....
the tube race

the cubs could not get enough of the tubes - they spent hours playing with them!

Some of the cubs even completed their "Swimming" and "Aquanaut" badge - well done!

... and by then it was almost time to P A R T Y ....

... they had a quick game of water polo ....

and then some serious eating took place!

It was really a great day and the cubs had tremendous fun.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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