Friday, November 19, 2010

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory - 19th November 2010

Charlie LOVED chocolates and also wanted to visit the mysterious Wonka Factory. He needed to find the 'golden ticket' in his Wonka chocolate bar...
STEAM RELEASE GAME: Find that Golden Ticket

Empty matchboxes are scattered around the playing field. Only 1 has the "golden bar" inside. Cubs must run around and a Golden Ticket.

One lucky winner....

getting his reward...

Wow! We are off to the Wonka Chocolate Factory.

Thank you for finding that Golden Ticket.

Look - golden eggs.

TEAM GAME: Golden Egg Throwing

Cubs are numbers off into 2 teams. They now stand opposite each other. Golden Eggs are handed to Team 1. On 'go', the golden egg has to be gently thrown to the cubs in Team 2. After about a minutes, let the cubs take 3 steps back.

Whilst touring the sweet factory there were so many exciting sweets to see - let's see if we can make our own creations!

CRAFT: Whizz Bangers and Pop Jigglers

Cubs are given a number of items to make their own sweet creation.

We have seen so many sweets and creations - can you remember them all?

KIM'S GAME: Sweet Sensations

Sweet wrappers are placed on card board.... 2 of each.

We lined these up and the cubs had to run up, pick up a card and try and match it with another one along the line.

Willie Wonka had to be very clever to make all those chocolates - let us all do some learning now.

The Caracals learnt about the Compass and where the sun rises and sets and what path it follows.

whilst the Cheetahs did the Jungle dance...

and the Leopards learnt all about solar power.

Homestead Dam

We need to hurry now - let us help to transport all these lovely everlasting gobstoppers for Willie Wonka.

RELAY GAME: Gobstopper Gamble

Cubs in relay formation run up to a predetermined line with their gobstopper (we used ping pong balls balanced on a spoon). If the gobstopper dropped they had to start all over again!

and so it was time to leave the chocolate factory and go home!

What an adventure!

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela JOy

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