Saturday, February 18, 2012

BP - 17th February 2012

BP's birthday comes around again this month - and becasue he was a general in the army our first game had the cubs listening very carefully.

Cub run around and on the blow of the whistle they group together - but they have to listen very carefully as to how many times the whistle was blown - 6 blows - group in sixes; 4 blows - group in fours..

3 whistle blows -- mmmm some of you can't count!

All the new chums listenting to how cubbing began

We then played a relay game. Divide into 2 teams (if you have enough New Chums).The first chum runs up to a leader who either asks him/her to salute, shake hands or say the motto and then race back and sit at the back of his line. First team to complete is the winner..
You can do it again this time choosing the Cub Law, Handshake and Salute.

The Leopards learnt time...

The cheethas went on a nature ramble through Arrowe Park - listening for special sounds whilst collecting interesting items in nature.

some of our Lions..


BP loved stalking when capturing his wild animals. We sent our wild animals (sixes) into Arrowe Park to hide. The rest of the cubs had to run and spot them and once they had spotted them to sit down - nothing else.

BP spent some time on leave in Mozambique. He was fond of hippos and spent hours watching them. There was one hippo called Obash who did not like his keeper and would charge every time he saw him.


Two cubs are the Keepers. The rest of the cubs are hippos. On go everyone runs around with the hippos trying to catch the keeper. On the blow of the whistle the keepers must try and get off the ground to safety.

Whilst we were having fun at 9th Benoni we saw that a "mad hatters tea party" was taking place next door at 1st Benoni ..... and look who we bumped into!

The March Hare himself - he wanted his tea party to last all day -

so a very "unbirthday to everyone!"

The Mad Hatter herself!

and all the stunning decorations to make this unbirthday so special at the tea party!

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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