Sunday, February 26, 2012

BP Sunday - 26th February 2012

What a wonderful BP service we had in Arrowe Park this morning - very special....

9th Benoni Bambanani - with our soon to be Akela and Raksha
Flags of the District

Getting ready for the march

Norkem Park

Renewing the Cub Promise

Renewing the Scout Promise

Awards were handed out...

After tea and cake we had a very special visitor.....

Chris Boshoff brought along his zoo..... what a privilege to see some of these animals that he keeps.

This is Samantha and she is 13 years old

Bush baby

Oh and this is Snappy the crocodile.... he wa abused when he was small and will not grow any bigger than this.... he is so cute.

..... and this is Toothpick - the hedgehog

and the sweet little meerkat .... who likes to clean teeth!

and Chris needed help to pick up the last crate - can you guess what was inside?

Priscilla the Python - she is HUGE!

This was such a great morning out and about.

We thank everyone for joining us and making it so special.

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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