Friday, February 10, 2012

Lost in the Jungle - 10th February 2012

Being lost in our jungle is such fun!

and somewhere amongst all the bushes and wild animals we found Raksha!

Welcome to 9th Benoni!

It is very scary out in the jungle and you never know what you will find....

Cubs in two teams. One team is named the Lions and the other the Tigers.

Each team at the end of the playing area. Leader gives various commands - Lions - 2 steps forward; Tigers 4 steps backwards etc etc etc. This goes on until the leader says Lions attack (or Tigers attack) The team ordered to attack gives chase as the others rush to their base.

Getting lost is hungry work - and if you are lucky you might catch some "fly fish" for dinner!

cubs loved this game.....

Cubs took turns to shoot the balloon up the string...

Andrew got lost in the jungle - or so he thought

The cubs listened to a yarn here.

and remember while walking around the jungle you can pick up lots of smells on your socks.

Different smells were inserted into the socks ....

It is a good idea to use your compass to find your way out of the jungle.

A Pack Helper showing the cubs how to make the compass.

A compass with a difference!

Akela handed out some well derserved interest badges...

and here is Aiden with his knotting board - awesome!

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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