Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sixer Council Meeting - 18th February - Acro Branch

As a very special privilege, the Sixer Council Meeting this term was held at Acro Branch! After having received their invitations a couple of weeks back, the Sixers and Seconds have been really excited about this and just couldn't wait for the day to arrive!

Jacques held the Sixer Council Meeting today and reminded the Sixers once again about their duties and responsibilities.

Some new games were tried and a few cubs brought suggestions along of different games to play.

All in all a good Sixer Council Meeting.

Very happy Sixers and Seconds

All geared up for the obstacle course in the trees!
What fun!

Bear Grylls would be proud of all the cubs who took part today!

From treetop to treetop...

Wow - this was fun!

Thanks to all the parents who assisted today.

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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