Friday, February 24, 2012

Under the bed we saw Kung Foo Panda! 24th February 2012

Under every cubs bed there are usually a million items - and of course some imaginery characters as well.

China is a land of tradition and honour. The master has trained his warriors well - let us see if we can find all the warriors.

Who are they?

Monkey - Crane - Mantis - Viper - Tiger

Instruction saw the Caracals colouring in the South African flag

whilst the cheetahs spoke about outings they had been on...

Panda tried very hard to please his master...... he tried some Chopstick Championships!

In relay formation cubs run up and have to pick up a sweet with chopsticks and place in another dish.

Let's show Panda just what we can do .....

Cubs show Panda how to fight...

Let's do some training - remember Panda always had to be strong and fit....

Cubs raced through an obstacle course ....

We invested 5 new chums today - welcome to you all - we hope you all have lots of fun at 9th Benoni.

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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